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Sileather delivers the most durable and luxurious animal-free vegan leather on the market, which is a perfect blend of nature and technology. The raw materials used by Sileather are natural quartz ores that have been organically treated to form a high performance silicone resin, the source of which greatly reduces dependence on fossil energy, and defines Sileather’s inherent excellence.


Sileather is widely applicable to the seats and trims.


Sileather meet or exceed the required standard for automotive standard, we offer a wide range of products and custom solutions to OEM and aftermarket.

Our benifits

In General

  • Excellent aging resistance: without cracking nor peeling;

  • OEM VOC compliance: 100% free of PVC & PU, solvent-free, no plasticizer;

  • OEM abrasion resistance and strength properties;

  • High colorfastness;

Collection Involved
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