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Collaborate and Experience with Sileather




Are you a designer, manufacturer, blogger, influencer, or simply a lover of innovative and sustainable products? We invite you to explore the many wonders of Sileather's Silicone Fabric and share its unique benefits with the world.

We are particularly interested in a variety of applications such as seating, automotive, interiors, marine, healthcare and medical products, apparel, and more. We also welcome reviews on sewing techniques, cleanser efficacy, and installation experiences with our fabric.

How to Apply

1. Express Your Interest:

Send an email to, expressing your interest in exploring and reviewing our silicone fabric. Please include your name, role(designer, manufacturer, blogger, influencer, etc.), and a brief description of how you plan to use or feature our product.

2. Receive Free Material Samples:

Once approved, we will provide you with free material samples for you to explore and review. Note that the availability of free materials may be limited and may vary according to current stock levels. This may also provide a unique opportunity for you to help us with sustainability efforts by utilizing overstocked materials.

3. Explore and Review:

Use the samples in your projects, or simply explore and test the min various settings. Whether it's in seating, automotive applications, marine use, healthcare, medical products, or apparel, we're excited to see how you will incorporate our materials into your work.

4. Share Your Experience:

Write a review or create content featuring our silicone fabric. Whether it's a blog post, a social media update, a video, or a product made with our material, we'd love for you to share your honest opinion and experiences with your audience.  By joining us on this journey, you'll be contributing to a more sustainable and innovative future. We look forward to receiving your application and seeing the amazing ways you'll utilize Sileather's Silicone Fabric!

Explore, Review, and share: Discover the Wonders of Sileather
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